PCV10 presentations currently in use include a single and two-dose vial without preservative. Recently a new presentation of PCV10 has been developed, a 4-dose vial with preservative.

When countries start using the new 4-dose presentation, healthcare workers need to be trained on the correct use of this new presentation, including the use and handling of PCV10 multi-dose vials in accordance with WHO multi-dose vial policy.

To facilitate this process, NESI in collaboration with WHO/HQ, developed training modules on pneumococcal disease and PCV10 new multi-dose vial presentation. The training consists of seven modules, in-cluding a pre- and post-test to measure the impact of the training programme. The total duration of the training is approximately three hours.

Any country moving from the PCV10 single or two-dose vial to the 4-dose vial can use the training modules to prepare the country for the change.

Please click here to check out these new training modules.

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