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NESI Publications

Knowledge, attitude and acceptability of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine and vaccination among university students in Indonesia

Madan Khatiwada, Cissy Kartasasmita, Henny Suzana Mediani, Christine Delprat, Guido Van Hal, Carine Dochez

Frontiers in Public Health June 2021: 616456.

Immunization program training needs in 9 countries in the African Region

Balcha Girma Masresha, Carine Dochez, Ado Bwaka, Meseret Eshetu Shibeshi, Gilson Paluku, Richard Mihigo
Pan African Medical Journal 2021;39(41).

Misinformation Drives Low Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Coverage in South African Girls Attending Private Schools

Tracy Milondzo, Johanna C. Meyer, Carine Dochez, Rosemary J. Burnett

Frontiers in Public Health February 2021; 9.

The World Health Organization African regional training course for mid-level immunization managers-lessons and future directions

Balcha Masresha, Carine Dochez, Alice Bumgarner, Nathan Pienkowski, Richard Mihigo

Pan African Medical Journal 2020;37(194).

Advanced vaccinology education: Landscaping its growth and global footprint

Edwin J. Asturias, Philippe Duclos, Noni E. MacDonald, Hanna Nohynek, Paul-Henri Lambert, the Global Vaccinology Training Collaborative

Vaccine 2020; 38 (30): 4664-4670.

Strengthening immunisation services in East Africa through training:
Lessons from the ECAVI Vaccinology Course for healthcare workers highlight the importance of continuous professional development footprint

Oliver Ombeva Malande, Rachel Nakatugga Afaayo, Carine Dochez, Johanna Catharina Meyer, Andrew Munyalo Musyoki, Rosemary Joyce Burnett

Africa Health, January 2020.
Malande et al. Africa Health-January-2020.pdf
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Strengthening national teams of experts to support HPV vaccine introduction in Eastern Mediterranean countries: Lessons learnt and recommendations from an international workshop

Carine Dochez, Salah Al Awaidy, Ezzeddine Mohsni, Kamal Fahmy, Mohammed Bouskraoui
Vaccine 2020; 38 (5): 1114-1119.

Global vaccinology training: Report from an ADVAC workshop

Philippe Duclos, Lindsay Martinez, Noni MacDonald, Edwin Asturias, Hanna Nohynek, Paul-Henri Lambert, on behalf of all participants of the Global Vaccinology Training Workshop
Vaccine 2019; 37 (22): 2871-2881.

Progress towards obtaining valid vaccination coverage data in South Africa

Burnett RJ, Dlamini NR, Meyer JC, Fernandes L, Motloung BR, Ndlovu TH, et al.
South African Journal of Science 2019;115(5/6)

Impact of vaccine stock-outs on infant vaccination coverage: a hospital-based survey from South Africa

Rosemary J Burnett, Gloria Mmoledi, Ntombenhle J Ngcobo, Carine Dochez, L Mapaseka Seheri, M Jeffrey Mphahlele
International Health 2018, ihy036

Introduction of a new Vaccine into National Immunisation Programmes in Africa: The role of Capacity Building

Dochez C, Burnett RJ, Mphahlele MJ.
BMJ Global Health 2017;2(Suppl 2):A53
Abstract Role of capacity building in new vaccine introduction BMJ Global Health 2017
47 KB

High prevalence of active and occult hepatitis B virus infections in healthcare workers from two provinces of South Africa

Sondlane TH, Mawela L, Razwiedani LL, Selabe SG, Lebelo RL, Rakgole JN, Mphahlele JM, Dochez C, De Schrijver A, Burnett RJ.
Vaccine 2016; 34(33): 3835-3839.

Evaluation of a Training DVD on Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine for Kenyan EPI Health Care Workers

Stokx J, Dochez C, Ochieng P, Bahl J and Were F.
Education for Health 2016; 29: 35-41.
Evaluation of a Training DVD
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Enhancing capacity of professionals and academics for vaccines and immunization in Africa: The 3rd Regional Vaccinology Course for Francophone Countries, Mbour, Senegal, 12th – 19th September 2015

Anya B, Mihigo R, Wiysonge CS, Dochez C, Akanmori BD.
Annals of Vaccines and Immunization 2015; 2(1): 1011.
Enhancing capacity of professionals and academics
1 download
863 KB

HPV vaccines for the prevention of cervical cancer and genital warts: an update

Dochez C, Bogers J-P, Verhelst R and Rees H.
Vaccine 2014; 32: 1595-1601.
Vaccine, Volume 30, Supplement 3, 7 September 2012
8 MB
Vaccines and Their Use in The Adolescent and Adult Population
64 KB
HPV vaccines and prevention of cervical cancer BJMO 2009
1 download
323 KB
911 KB
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