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Pre-service training 2021

Kenya Medical Training College
Nairobi and Embu Town, Kenya, 1 January to 31 December 2021
Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) and NESI/University of Antwerp are closely collaborating since 2015 to improve the pre-service training in immunisation at nursing and midwifery training institutions in Kenya. KMTC is one of the leading health training institutions in Kenya, and the driving force advocating for updating the EPI curriculum at all pre-service nursing and midwifery training institutions in the country.

Building on the successful strengthening of EPI pre-service education at KMTC, a joint effort between KMTC, UNICEF and NESI has been initiated to strengthen pre-service education in Effective Vaccine Management (EVM). The aim of the initiative is to incorporate EVM content within pre-service curricula for specific health cadres in the relevant courses at KMTC.

The experience of KMTC in strengthening EPI pre-service training has been published in the “Pan African Medical Journal”:

Juma M, Masresha B, Adekola A, Dochez C. 2022. Strengthening pre-service training of healthcare workers in immunisation and effective vaccine management: the experience of Kenya Medical Training College. Pan African Medical Journal 41: 47.

In addition to the ongoing activities related to strengthening EPI pre-service education, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has urged to prioritise training for all nurse lecturers at KMTC on COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination. Therefore, KMTC with support from NESI, organised two training sessions; the first session trained 33 nurse lecturers from 14 to 18 June 2021 at Embu Campus in Kenya, the second session trained 19 nurse lecturers from 20 to 23 December 2021. The course consisted of 9 modules and included a pre- and post-test.

Module 1: Overview of COVID-19 vaccination training approach and objectives

Module 2: Rationale, justification and objectives for deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine

Module 3: COVID-19 vaccine eligibility criteria and contra-indications

Module 4: COVID-19 vaccines attributes, storage and supply logistics

Module 5: COVID-19 infection prevention and control

Module 6: COVID-19 vaccine administration and safety

Module 7: Communication for COVID-19 vaccines

Module 8: COVID-19 data management and reporting

Module 9: COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring and surveillance

Last updated: Feb 11, 2022
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