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Areas of Work

What we Do

NESI engages in a number of activities to accomplish its mission. These activities are grouped into four main areas:

Education & Training

In the field of education and training, NESI:

  • Organises training courses and workshops in collaboration with partner institutions/organisations;
  • Serves as faculty in national and international vaccinology courses;
  • Validates the content of educational and training materials;
  • Develops up-to-date, high-quality training materials for different levels of the immunisation programmes, capturing the needs of all staff;
  • Collaborates with health training institutions to strengthen the curriculum for health professionals involved in immunisation and advises on regular refresher courses in collaboration with Ministries of Health.

Technical Support

In the area of technical support, NESI:

  • Monitors and evaluates currently implemented education and training programmes;
  • Performs training needs assessments in collaboration with academic and other partners;
  • Assists countries in developing comprehensive training plans as part of their Multi-Year Plans;
  • Provides support to country staff to implement training activities;
  • Supports institutional strengthening to improve national and regional capacity to deliver education and training.

Operational Research

In the field of operational research, NESI:

  • Supervises MSc, MPH and PhD students;
  • Evaluates pre-service EPI curriculum at health training institutions;
  • Conducts post introduction evaluations;
  • Evaluates effectiveness and impact of training activities;
  • Writes scientific and review articles.

Networking & Advocacy

In the area of networking and advocacy, NESI :

  • Facilitates a forum to discuss and coordinate actions related to education, training, and support for immunisation programmes in low- and middle-income countries;
  • Maintains a network of specialists drawn from international organisations, universities, national immunisation programmes, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), industry, and other relevant stakeholders, to deliver high-quality training in all aspects of immunisation and at different stages of implementation of immunisation programmes;
  • Collaborates with local, regional, and global training initiatives to advocate for better education and training;
  • Offers a website that houses training materials and links to other relevant sites.
Last updated: Jun 4, 2021
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