Nesi Publications

Strengthening national teams of experts to support HPV vaccine introduction in Eastern Mediterranean countries: Lessons learnt and recommendations from an international workshop

Carine Dochez, Salah Al Awaidy, Ezzeddine Mohsni, Kamal Fahmy, Mohammed Bouskraoui
Vaccine 2020; 38 (5): 1114-1119.

Progress towards obtaining valid vaccination coverage data in South Africa

Burnett RJ, Dlamini NR, Meyer JC, Fernandes L, Motloung BR, Ndlovu TH, et al.
South African Journal of Science 2019;115(5/6)



Impact of vaccine stock-outs on infant vaccination coverage: a hospital-based survey from South Africa

Rosemary J Burnett, Gloria Mmoledi, Ntombenhle J Ngcobo, Carine Dochez, L Mapaseka Seheri, M Jeffrey Mphahlele
International Health 2018, ihy036

Introduction of a new Vaccine into National Immunisation Programmes in Africa: The role of Capacity Building

Dochez C, Burnett RJ, Mphahlele MJ.
BMJ Global Health 2017;2(Suppl 2):A53

High prevalence of active and occult hepatitis B virus infections in healthcare workers from two provinces of South Africa

Sondlane TH, Mawela L, Razwiedani LL, Selabe SG, Lebelo RL, Rakgole JN, Mphahlele JM, Dochez C, De Schrijver A, Burnett RJ.
Vaccine 2016; 34(33): 3835-3839.

Evaluation of a Training DVD on Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine for Kenyan EPI Health Care Workers

Stokx J, Dochez C, Ochieng P, Bahl J and Were F.
Education for Health 2016; 29: 35-41.

Enhancing capacity of professionals and academics for vaccines and immunization in Africa: The 3rd Regional Vaccinology Course for Francophone Countries, Mbour, Senegal, 12th – 19th September 2015

Anya B, Mihigo R, Wiysonge CS, Dochez C, Akanmori BD.
Annals of Vaccines and Immunization 2015; 2(1): 1011.

HPV vaccines for the prevention of cervical cancer and genital warts: an update

Dochez C, Bogers J-P, Verhelst R and Rees H.
Vaccine 2014; 32: 1595-1601.

Introducing New Vaccines into the South African National Immunisation Programme - a Case Study

Elsevier, Vaccine Journal, Volume 30, Supplement 3, 7 September 2012.

The South African Immunisation Programme was the first in Africa to introduce hepatitis B and  Haemophilus Influenzae type b vaccines respectively in 1995 and 1999. A decade later three new vaccines (against rotavirus and pneumococcal infections, and IPV in a combined vaccine) were introduced simultaneously in 2009. All these initiatives were realised with own financial resources (no donor-support for a middle-income country). After implementation of the respective vaccines, an “Experience Exchange Meeting on the Introduction of New Vaccines” was held in Pretoria, South Africa (28-30 July 2010) with the participation of eleven African countries. During this meeting, the idea matured that the unique South African experience should be put to record; in that way all countries of the world could benefit from lessons learned and challenges related to this major public health intervention.

This lead to the publication of a supplement with 14 chapters in “Vaccine” Journal in 2012: “Introducing New Vaccines into the South African National Immunisation Programme – a Case Study”. The supplement was developed as a collaborative effort between the South African Vaccination and Immunisation Centre - SAVIC (at the University of Limpopo, South Africa) and the Network for Education and Support in Immunisation – NESI (at the University of Antwerp, Belgium).

Vaccines and Their Use in The Adolescent and Adult Population

Meheus A, Dochez C.
3rd Bandung Infectious Diseases Symposia - International Research Seminar in Infection Disease 17-19 November 2011; 36.