Workshop to revise the African EPI Mid-Level management (AFR EPI MLM) Modules and Handouts

In 2004, 14 AFR MLM modules were developed. These standardised training materials have facilitated the learning process during various inter-country and in-country MLM courses conducted as from May 2004 to March 2011. In addition, these AFR MLM modules have been regularly used by health professors/teachers in their lectures at health professional training institutions. As new policies and technologies become available, there is need for updating these modules in order to incorporate some policy and strategic orientations (GIVS, Revised RED guidelines, etc.) as well as new technologies and scientific content that have come in after the 2004 edition.
The general objective of this workshop was to update the AFR EPI MLM modules and more specific to discuss the processes of validation, testing and distribution of the revised AFR EPI MLM modules. NESI contributed to the modules about New Vaccine Introduction, Cold Chain Management and Vaccine Management.

A total of 26 participants attended the workshop. Participants included technical and communication officers from WHO/AFRO (2), WHO/IST (4), WHO/HQ (1), WHO/Ghana (1), WHO/Nigeria (1), WHO/Ethiopia (1), UNICEF HQ (1), UNICEF/ESARO (1), UNICEF/WCARO (3), UNICEF/Nigeria (2), UNICEF/Gambia (1), UNICEF/Ghana (1), NESI (2), AMP (3), USAID/MCHIP (1) and CDC (1). 

Accra, Ghana
Monday, 13 June, 2011 to Friday, 17 June, 2011
Last updated : 4 December, 2013