TropEd Advanced Vaccinology Course

The TropEd Advanced Vaccinology Course was organised by the Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health (ITMIH), Berlin, and NESI/UAntwerp, from 9 to 20 January 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The course is an accredited module (3.5 ECTS credit points) of the TropEd Masters Programme in International Health. TropEd is a network of institutions for higher education in International Health, including European and non-European institutions. The accreditation for the two-weeks course was obtained in October 2013 and is valid until October 2018.

Twenty students from the following countries attended the course: Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Pakistan, Portugal, Switzerland, Syria, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. 

Teaching methods included seminar-style and interactive lectures, and group work on specific target diseases. 

Student evaluation was based on presentation of the group work, a written exam and a written essay on a topic of choice relevant to vaccines and immunisation. The essays were evaluated by the course organisers (ITMIH and NESI).

Training contents: 
Berlin, Germany
Monday, 9 January, 2017 to Friday, 20 January, 2017
Last updated : 29 March, 2018