Regional EPI Mid-Level Management (MLM) Course for Anglophone countries

The MLM course for Anglophone countries was organised by WHO AFRO in collaboration/partnership with the Ministry of Health of Kenya, UNICEF, USAID, AMP and NESI. A total of 62 participants and facilitators attended the course. The participants were from health training institutions and public health EPI programmes out of the following countries: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

The objectives of the 2011 EPI MLM course were

(1) To get participants aware of their new roles and responsibilities as EPI managers in line with the current global and regional immunisation policies and strategies within the context of health system strengthening;

(2) To update and strengthen managerial knowledge and skills of all participants, notable those related to problem solving, decision making/leadership exercise, effective communication, strategic or operational planning, immunization programme costing, budgeting and resource mobilization, cold chain and vaccine management, immunization safety management, human and financial resources management, new vaccine introduction management, conducting quality supplemental immunization activities, integrated disease surveillance management, EPI monitoring and data management, supervision, EPI coverage survey and evaluation.

The modules, updated or developed during the workshop to revise the AFR EPI MLM modules in Accra (13-17 June 2011) were tested during this course.

The following pedagogical methods /techniques were used: individual pre-reading, short presentations using active media, plenary and group discussions, case studies, application and practical exercises, role playing, simulations and project methods.

NESI contributed to the following modules:

(1) Cold chain management

(2) Disease surveillance

(3) Immunization safety

(4) New vaccine introduction

(5) Vaccine management 

Training contents: 
Nairobi, Kenya
Monday, 3 October, 2011 to Wednesday, 12 October, 2011
Last updated : 4 December, 2013