Development of training DVD for Rotavirus Vaccine

Introducing a new vaccine always implicates new information and handlings. Many healthcare workers have to be trained when a country decides to introduce a new vaccine in the routine immunisation programme.

Ethiopia introduced pneumococcal vaccine in 2011. At that time a training DVD was developed as part of the training materials. A DVD can visualize many concepts in addition to classroom training and help to spread undiluted standardized messages. The pneumococcal training DVD was well received by trainers and healthcare workers. The country is currently preparing for rotavirus introduction. Consequently, Ethiopia decided likewise to produce a DVD to assist in the training on rotavirus vaccine. This vaccine will protect against severe diarrhoea caused by rotavirus which causes 28000 deaths a year in Ethiopia.

Filming and editing is done again by the Ethiopian production company Halleta, with support of WHO, NESI and the Federal Ministry of Health. The DVD will be in Amharic, the main local language and will include five chapters:
(1) Rotavirus disease;
(2) Vaccine characteristics, storage and vaccination schedule;
(3) Vaccine safety and adverse events following immunization;
(4) Vaccine administration and recording; and
(5) Communication (role play).
Filming took place from 23 until 30 April 2012 on the following locations in Addis Ababa: WHO Ethiopia Office; Addis Ababa University - College of Health Sciences; Black Lion Hospital; Bole Health centre; and Addis Salem Health centre. 
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Monday, 23 April, 2012 to Monday, 30 April, 2012
Last updated : 4 December, 2013