Education & Training: Pre-service training 2016

Evaluation of the curriculum on immunisation at nursing and midwifery schools in West Java Province, Indonesia

Bandung and West Java, Indonesia 8 January, 2016 to 22 January, 2016

A new operational research collaboration was initiated between the Faculty of Nursing of the University of Padjadjaran (UNPAD) and NESI during 2015. The study is entitled 'Evaluation of the curriculum on immunisation at nursing and midwifery schools in West Java Province, Indonesia'.

Immunisation programmes are evolving rapidly with increasing complexity and ambitious new goals all over the world, also in Indonesia. Therefore effective immunisation services require health personnel to receive coordinated, comprehensive and very practical pre- and in-service training with updated curricula to cope with the innovations and the introduction of new technologies by the EPI programme. Identification of gaps and needs of the curricula of higher education in immunisation is an important step in the sustainable strengthening of the immunisation programme.

The objectives are to assess the curricula in immunisation and the knowledge in EPI of lecturers and students in midwifery and nursing programmes in West Java Province, Indonesia. The study aims at analyzing and describing the status of the immunisation training of nurses and midwifes in West Java province, identifying new training needs and making recommendations for actions to improve EPI trainings. Ethical approval for the study was obtained from the Health Research Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Medicine of UNPAD.

Data were collected in January 2016, through semi-structured interviews and focus groups with EPI programme staff, school directors, lecturers, clinical instructors and students. A total of 13 nursing and midwifery programmes were included in 7 government (3) and private (4) schools of Bandung, Garut, Tasikmalaya and Kuningan districts in West Java Province. The data collection team consisted of two master students in Medicine of the University of Antwerp, participating to the study within the framework of their master thesis, with two tutors of the faculty of Nursing of UNPAD under supervision of the vice dean of the faculty of nursing at UNPAD and NESI.

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