Networking & Advocacy: Activities 2019

Annual International Society for Vaccines (ISV) Congress

Ghent, Belgium 27 October, 2019 to 29 October, 2019

The 13th Annual ISV congress was organised by the International Society for Vaccines (ISV) from 27 to 29 October 2019 in Ghent, Belgium. The ISV Annual congress is the world largest scientific conference for basic and clinical researchers interested in vaccines and the underlying sciences with broad coverage of topics related to vaccines ranging from basic research through manufacturing and clinical trials for human and veterinary vaccines encompassing infectious diseases and cancer.

The congress was attended by over 400 participants from academia, research institutes, non-profit organizations and industry. The conference provided a platform to exchange ideas through lively discussions led by session chairs and through vibrant interactive poster sessions among the participants.

Poster presentation
To understand knowledge, attitude and acceptability of HPV vaccine and potential barriers to HPV vaccination among university students in Indonesia

Madan Khatiwada, Cissy Kartasasmita, Henny Suzana Mediani, Christine Delprat, Guido Van Hal, Carine Dochez.

Vaccine Safety Net Workshop

Geneva, Switzerland 15 October, 2019 to 16 October, 2019

The Vaccine Safety Net (VSN) is a global network of websites, established by the World Health Organization, that provides reliable information on vaccine safety. VSN organized a workshop to discuss best practices on promoting credible, accurate, compelling vaccine and vaccine safety information online and using data and analytics for decision making in vaccine and vaccine safety communication. In addition, CDC-VSN "minimum package" project on recommended content and structure for immunisation programme and other vaccine related government websites (including social media channels) was also discussed. The representative from social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest shared their work on how they are minimizing the flow of misinformation on vaccines related topics in their respective platform. Some of the countries also shared their experience on the influence of social media like Facebook in immunisation programme and mass vaccination campaign.

NESI has been an active VSN member for last two years and therefore, was invited to attend the workshop remotely. In total, 102 participants attended the workshop in person and remotely. The workshop included interactive presentations, group work discussions and trainings on using data and analytics for decision making on vaccine and vaccine safety communication.

7th SOMIPEV Symposium

Marrakech, Morocco 29 March, 2019 to 31 March, 2019

The 7th SOMIPEV Symposium took place from 29-31 March 2019 in Marrakech, Morocco. The Symposium was preceded by the Varicella workshop organised by NESI and SOMIPEV on 29 March 2019.

During the Symposium, a questionnaire to collect data on knowledge, attitudes and practices on varicella vaccination was distributed to the participants.

Second WHO African Health Forum

Praia, Cabo Verde 26 March, 2019 to 28 March, 2019

The Second WHO African Health Forum was jointly convened by WHO/AFRO and the Government of Cabo Verde from 26-28 March 2019, in Praia, Cabo Verde.

The theme of the Forum was “Achieving universal health coverage and health security: the Africa we want to see”.

Regional Immunisation Technical Advisory Group meeting and African Regional Immunisation Stakeholders Meeting

Congo-Brazzaville 16 January, 2019 to 18 January, 2019
The Regional Immunisation Technical Advisory Group (RITAG) meeting from 15 to 17 January 2019 and the African Regional Immunisation Stakeholders meeting on 18 January 2019 were organised by WHO/AFRO in Congo-Brazzaville and were attended by 132 participants, including WHO, RITAG members, SAGE members, NITAGs from several African countries, MoH staff and immunisation partners.

The RITAG meeting addressed the following topics: Yellow Fever control; Polio eradication and end-game strategy; Malaria Vaccine Implementation project update; routine immunisation; measles/rubella and MNT elimination; demand for immunisation; VPD surveillance investment case; NITAGs.

The African Regional Immunisation Stakeholders meeting gave an update on the Addis Declaration on Immunisation. A round table discussion addressed the need for tailored technical support for specific country needs.

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